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30.2 Details

30.2.1 void *raydium_console_gets_callback

Set this callback with a "void prompt(char *str)" function. Any entry (from a script file, or from in-game console) will be sent to your callback, if prefixed by '/' char.

30.2.2 int raydium_console_gets(char *where)

DISABLED. Use "raydium_console_gets_callback" function pointer instead.

30.2.3 void raydium_console_line_add(char *format, ...)

This function will add a line in the console output. Please, look at raydium_osd_printf function for a format explanation.

Please note that raydium_log will use this function automaticaly.

30.2.4 void raydium_console_event(void)

Send a "move !" event to console, changing his state (lowered / hidden).

We will probably add a argument to this function in a near future.

30.2.5 void raydium_console_exec_script(char *file)

This command will loop over all lines of "file", sending it to the internal "exec_command" function. This function is dedicated to "user scripting", you cannot use it to execute PHP scripts (see Scripting chapter). In details, "file" lines can:

Since each line is an individual command, you can mix styles.

Example of file :

/resize 29
echo "File regenerated in $sec secondes";

void raydium_console_init (void);
void raydium_console_history_save (void);
void raydium_console_history_previous (void);
void raydium_console_history_next (void);
void raydium_console_history_add (char *str);
void raydium_console_exec_last_command (void);
void raydium_console_draw (void);
int raydium_console_internal_isalphanumuscore (char c);
void raydium_console_complete (char *str);

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