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21.3 Details

21.3.1 void dump_vertex_to(char *filename)

This function save all scene to filename (.tri file) in version 1. There is another version of this function (dump_vertex_to_alpha) wich sorts alpha textures at the end of the file.

21.3.2 void read_vertex_from(char *filename)

Loads filename. Again, avoid use of this function.

21.3.3 void raydium_file_log_fopen_display(void)

This function displays all opened files through raydium_file_fopen() (closed or not).

21.3.4 FILE *raydium_file_fopen(char *file, char *mode)

This function is the Raydium fopen() wrapper. This function will try to download file if not available on the disk using "rayphp" and repositories system (R3S?). If "--repository-refresh" is found on command line, this function will check repositories for newer version of "file".
"--repository-disable" and "--repository-force" are also available.

void raydium_file_dirname(char *dest,char *from);
int raydium_rayphp_repository_file_get(char *file);
void dump_vertex_to_alpha (char *filename);
int raydium_file_set_textures (char *name);

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