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31.2 Details

31.2.1 void raydium_joy_key_emul(void)

Emulate keyboard (directional pad) with joy, if any.

31.2.2 void raydium_joy_ff_tremble_set(GLfloat period, GLfloat force)

Send tremble effect to Force Feedback device for a determined period, at a particular force. (no units yet).

31.2.3 void raydium_joy_ff_autocenter(int perc)

Set Force Feedback autocenter factor.

char number_of_axes, number_of_buttons;
int raydium_joy_event_handle;
struct ff_effect effect_tremble;
char effect_tremble_state;
clock_t last_event;
void raydium_joy_init_vars (void);
int raydium_joy_process_event (struct js_event e); (WIN32)
void raydium_joy_callback (void);
void raydium_joy_init (void);
void raydium_joy_close (void);
void raydium_joy_ff (void);

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