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9.2 Details

9.2.1 void raydium_light_enable(void)

Obvious, as usual.

9.2.2 void raydium_light_disable(void)


9.2.3 GLuint raydium_light_to_GL_light(GLuint l)

Probably useless for end user. (internal uses)

9.2.4 void raydium_light_on(GLuint l)

Turns "l" light on ( 0 <= l <= RAYDIUM_MAX_LIGHTS )

9.2.5 void raydium_light_off(GLuint l)

Turns "l" off.

9.2.6 void raydium_light_switch(GLuint l)

Obvious, no ?

Switch from "on" to "off", etc ...

9.2.7 void raydium_light_update_position(GLuint l)

Updates raydium_light_position[l] array changes to hardware.

This function is now used internaly by Raydium, so you have no reasons to call it by yourself.

9.2.8 void raydium_light_update_intensity(GLuint l)

Updates raydium_light_intensity[l] changes to hardware.

9.2.9 void raydium_light_update_all(GLuint l)

Updates intensity,position and color.

9.2.10 void raydium_light_move(GLuint l,GLfloat *vect)

Moves light to position "vect" for light "l" (vect is GLfloat[4]: x,y,z,dummy).

Just move your lights before camera placement, or your changes will be applied to the next frame only.

9.2.11 void raydium_light_reset(GLuint l)

This function will restore all defaults for "l" light.

9.2.12 void raydium_light_blink_internal_update(GLuint l)

Useless for end-user.

9.2.13 void raydium_light_blink_start(GLuint l,int fpc)

Makes "l" light blinking at "fpc" (frames per cycle) rate.

This function will use timecalls soon ("fpc" -> "hertz")

9.2.14 void raydium_light_callback(void)

Useless for end-user.

void raydium_light_update_position_all (void);

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