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11.2 Details

11.2.1 void raydium_mouse_hide(void)

Hides mouse cursor.

11.2.2 void raydium_mouse_show(void)

Shows mouse cursor.

11.2.3 void raydium_mouse_move(int x, int y)

Moves cursor to (x,y) position (in pixel).

Ex moves cursor at window center: raydium_mouse_move(raydium_window_tx/2, raydium_window_ty/2);

11.2.4 void raydium_mouse_clic_callback(int but,int state,int x,int y)

Internal callback.

11.2.5 void raydium_mouse_move_callback(int x, int y)

Internal callback.

extern void raydium_mouse_init (void);
extern int raydium_mouse_button_pressed (int button);

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