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23.2 Details

23.2.1 int raydium_object_find(char *name)

Returns index of the "name" object. Unlike texture functions, if object is not found, this function will not load it.

23.2.2 int raydium_object_load(char *filename)

Loads "filename" object.

23.2.3 void raydium_object_draw(GLuint o)

Draws "o" (index) object.

23.2.4 void raydium_object_draw_name(char *name)

Same as above, but you only have to provide object name (".tri file"). If this object was not already loaded, this function will do it for you.

23.2.5 GLfloat raydium_object_find_dist_max(GLuint obj)

This function will return will return the distance form (0,0,0) to the farest point of "obj" object.

23.2.6 void raydium_object_find_axes_max(GLuint obj, GLfloat *tx, GLfloat *ty, GLfloat *tz)

This function returns the (maximum) size of the bounding box of "obj" (relative to (0,0,0)).

void raydium_object_reset (GLuint o);
GLint raydium_object_find_load (char *name);
void raydium_object_deform (GLuint obj, GLfloat ampl);
void raydium_object_deform_name (char *name, GLfloat ampl);

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