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4.2 Details

4.2.1 void raydium_random_randomize(void)

This function initialize the random number generator with current time for seed.

Note: You are not supposed to use this function

4.2.2 GLfloat raydium_random_pos_1(void)

"positive, to one": 0 <= res <= 1.

4.2.3 GLfloat raydium_random_neg_pos_1(void)

"negative and positive, one as absolute limit": -1 <= res <= 1

4.2.4 GLfloat raydium_random_0_x(GLfloat x)

"zero to x": 0 <= res <= x

GLfloat raydium_random_f (GLfloat min, GLfloat max);
int raydium_random_i (int min, int max);
char raydium_random_proba (GLfloat proba);

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