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13.2 Details

13.2.1 void raydium_rendering_from_to(GLuint from, GLuint to)

Renders to - from vertice starting at "from". Probably useless for end-user.

13.2.2 void raydium_rendering(void)

Same as above, but renders all.

13.2.3 void raydium_rendering_finish(void)

You must call this function when your frame is finished, as late as possible, since this function will flush 3D hardware intructions.

int raydium_rendering_prepare_texture_unit (GLenum tu, GLuint tex);
void raydium_rendering_internal_prepare_texture_render (GLuint tex);
void raydium_rendering_internal_restore_render_state (void);
char infov (GLfloat x, GLfloat y);
void raydium_rendering_wireframe (void);
void raydium_rendering_normal (void);
void raydium_rendering_rgb_force (GLfloat r, GLfloat g, GLfloat b);
void raydium_rendering_rgb_normal (void);

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