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19.1 Introduction to sky.c

Skyboxes are mostly automated.

For now, Raydium will use BOXfront.tga, BOXback.tga, BOXleft.tga, BOXright.tga, BOXbottom.tga and BOXtop.tga and will draw a skybox only if fog is disabled (this is not for technical reasons, but only for realism, just think about it ;)... but you can force skybox with fog using raydium_sky_force if you really want).

19.1.1 void raydium_sky_box_cache(void)

As skybox texture are sometimes large files, you can pre-load skybox with this function. If you don't do it, Raydium will load textures during the first frame of your application.

void raydium_sky_box_render (GLfloat x, GLfloat y, GLfloat z);

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