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6.2 Details

6.2.1 void raydium_window_create(GLuint tx, GLuint ty,char rendering,char *name)

You must call this function once in your program, with following arguments:

1. tx, ty: window size, in pixel
2. rendering: window mode: RAYDIUM_RENDERING_* (NONE, WINDOW, FULLSCREEN)
3. name: window's name

Raydium is using GLUT for window management, and GLUT fullscreen is not the same between various implementations, and can fail, so use a standard window size (640x480, 800x600, ...) for fullscreen mode.

Note that user can force fullscreen using "--fullscreen" on the command line.

6.2.2 void raydium_window_resize_callback(GLsizei Width, GLsizei Height)

This function is automaticaly called during a window resize, and resize OpenGL rendering space.

There is almost no reason to call this function by yourself.

6.2.3 void raydium_window_view_update(void)

If you've changed 3D window size (clipping: raydium_projection_*), apply to hardware with this fonction.

void raydium_window_close (void);

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