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Here we will show a few steps to help in this project developing something.

You can find 2 situations:
1- You want to modify/fix/extend raydium code (editing previous files).
2- You want to add a new feature in Raydium (creating new files).

TODO the first situation.

Creating new files

The raydium specific code is located mainly in two folders: /raydium/raydium and /raydium/raydium/headers. raydium/raydium contents the c files, while raydium/raydium/headers contents the .h files.
If you want to add, for example, a newfeature:
you must create /raydium/raydium/newfeature.c. You can put this at the begining of the file:
    Raydium - CQFD Corp.
    License: GPL - GNU General Public License, see "gpl.txt" file.

#include "index.h"
#include "headers/newfeature.h"

and /raydium/raydium/headers/newfeature.h. Here you can put at begining:


Then, you can put the specific code in those files, following the RaydiumConventionsAtCoding?.
After that, you have to add those files to the compile. This is achieved editing the Makefile of raydium. In that file we have to locate the line HEADERS= and we will add raydium/headers/newfeature.h.
Also we will have to edit raydium/index.c to add #include "newfeature.c" And finally we have to edit raydium/index.h adding #include "headers/newfeature.h". These both modifications should be done before the #ifdef PHP_SUPPORT line (at least in the main cases).
Then, with a make clean and a make, we are ready.
That should be enough.