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Raydium : images and movies

Physics: car, crates and explosions (videos)

"Smooth camera" demo (videos)

Video of Raydium stand at Scoptione 2004 (numeric arts festival, Nantes, France) and a Raydium demo video showing what is "making video games" (subtitles in french).

Early video of what was the first networked game of Raydium: King of the hill

Landscapes (2 videos)

Physics: stunts and camera tests (video)

Ragdoll tests (3 videos)

First Augmented Reality tests (2 videos)

"Live" API (2 videos). Second video is using dynamic lightmap filters.

Animation and shadows (1 video).

Shaders: water (3 video, last from "Volcano" demo).

Lights and shadows (pictures)

Toon shader, Normal Map shader and Water shader (4 pictures and 1 detail picture)

Pseudo-HDR (pictures)

Cars and physics (pictures)

Various landscapes (pictures)

In-game console (picture)

Multiplayer games for Raydium: "Chasse à l'homme", Kartagony (alpha) and KingHill2? (pictures)

Private joke about "photorealism" :) (picture)

Import of .tri file in Blender (picture)

Particles (smokes, clouds, ...) and in-game network monitor (pictures)

PHP scripts demo: train was built with a few PHP lines (picture)

Real Time Augmented Reality (3 pictures)

All old screenshots are stored here : http://freeway.raydium.org/captures/old/

(To upload a new media : http://raydium.org/media.php)