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Official SDK

Go to the downloads section of the website: http://raydium.org/data.php
Download raydium_win32_sdk_ide_*.zip file, unzip it and read README.TXT file.

(old) Simple SDK:

See readme file.

(old) Visual Studio 2003:

1) Download lastest Raydium version, and extract archive. You can find this here: http://raydium.org/data/raydium_current.tar.gz
This guide was wrote from raydium-2005-04-30.tar.gz.
You can browse and extract .tar.gz files with Winrar.
2) Download WinRaydiumEn in the same directory.
3) Go to WinRaydiumEn directory, and launch solution, then build. It will generate 4 binaries.

To build your own solution:

1) Create a new Win32 Console Project, and remove all default Source Files and Headers. Remove files from disk (stdafx.* and a file with the solution name).
2) Add all C files from "raydium" directory under Source Files with Solution Explorer, every header under "Header Files" and provided libraries under "Resource Files".
3) Under "Configuration Properties/C/C++", you'll find "Precompiled Headers". Change to "Not Using Precompiled Headers".
4) Add following directory under "Additional Include Directories":