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Tutorials about application creation over Raydium

Before following these tutorials, you should install Raydium, as is explained here: InstallRaydium

Tutorial 1: MyFirstRaydiumApplication (finished)

Tutorial 2: TutorialMovingObjects? (finished)

Tutorial 3: TutorialUsingPhysics? (99 %)

Tutorial 4: TutorialUsingPHP? (90%)

Tutorial 5: TutorialPhysicsAndNetworking? (0%)

Tutorial 6: TutorialUsingSound? (40 %)

Tutorial 7: TutorialCreatingAParticleGenerator? (0 %)

Tutoriel 8: TutorialGraphicInterface? (0 %)

More info about CompilationRaydium.
Also, if needed, you can check RaydiumModler related doc.
For using 3DS,Blender,... files with Raydium, see ImportExportTri.
For Creating LightMaps, check FsRadRay doc.

This tutorials are focused to help. So if you find a bug or any other kind of problem related , fix them (or just warn us about them) as soon as possible, specially those that are almost finished (advancer than 90%)