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Introduction, About

Well, first of all, let me talk about Raydium goals: this project aims to be simple, easy to use, portable, and quite fast.

Raydium is a C written abstract layer, on top of OpenGL, GLU and GLUT: this means you can write an entire 3D application without calling any OpenGL function. Want to draw an object ? call the suitable Raydium function, and all textures and vertices will be loaded, and your object drawn. Want to make an explosion ? Same thing: call the right function. Note that you can call OpenGL functions anyway, if necessary.

About portability, I can say a few things: Raydium was initially planned for linux only, but with an "clean" (nearly ANSI) code, and, in facts, we have been able to compile Raydium under VC6 (Windows) and mingw with a very few modifications. So you can expect a correct result on any system providing OpenGL (at least 1.2), GLU, GLUT and a C compiler.

As we (Corp?.) needed a library for our own games, demos, and... and things like that, and as I was interested by OpenGL, I starts to write Raydium.

Raydium is perfect for outdoors spaces, integrating a landscape engine, with suitable physic, supports dynamic lighting, fog, blending, water and waves, terraforming, and more.

This features list will probably grow up during Raydium developpement.

You'll find, in this document, a list of many functions and possibilities of Raydium.

After this short introduction, let's talk about the API itself, starting with the main file (from the programmer's point of vue) of Raydium: index.c

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